Unexpected World - the exhibition

Artist Judith Cordeaux’s response to the Christchurch earthquakes and the new life she has found in Timaru, New Zealand.

Unexpected World, a solo exhibition of 32 works at the Aigantighe Art Gallery,

She explains: 'There are many forces that humans do not, and probably never will, control – hurricanes, landslides, floods, earthquakes. As well as nurturing and supporting us, the earth unleashes forces that destroy and cause chaos. It seems we are never fully prepared for the impact.

Somehow we have to pick ourselves up and start again, sometimes in a radically changed environment. It is seven years this September (2017) since the first of the devastating Christchurch and Canterbury earthquakes struck.

They literally turned my world upside down, and in the following months they destroyed much of what I loved, including my home. Hence the title of the exhibition - "Unexpected World". 'These paintings and drawings depict my initial reactions, and then the aftermath which has had such an unexpected, but really positive, outcome.

Though I know that for many others the struggle with insurers and builders continues, I’ve been able to build a new life. So my new works don’t just talk about the destruction and difficulties.

They also show the unconditional love and kindness given by friends, neighbours and strangers as we all continue to deal with this life-changing situation.'

Unexpected World exhibition – Concert (excerpts), 8 October 2017