Dealing with the Gaze, Onishi Project, New York City

In June 2018 I was invited by curator Stefania Carrozzini to participate with 7 other international artists in another exhibition at Onishi Project, New York City (14-27 June 2018). Dealing with the Gaze offered the opportunity to consider “the gaze” not only for what it represents in an art work, but – like a mirror – for what it also reflects of the viewer and their opinions and attitudes. Carrozzini commented that “this compilation of works forces us to think of ‘the eye’ as something that writes and describes and that meets, speaks and reflects all worlds, exploring the poetic depth of the self and touching on the territory of the invisible.”

A review in “America Oggi” (New York) noted, “The gaze of Judith Cordeaux, a New Zealand artist, who is showing for the second time in New York, rests on the archaic prehistoric forms of femininity associated with fertility, wondering what the difference is between a feminine gaze and a masculine gaze.”

The paintings selected for this exhibition were Get Over It and The Three Graces, from my Woman series, 2018.