Parkin Drawing Prize, 2019

I was delighted to be selected as one of 79 finalists from about 500 entries in this year’s prestigious Parkin Drawing Prize. The successful work was Recycled #21, from my series inspired by the arts residency in Venice during April 2019.

Founded by arts patron, businessman and philanthropist Chris Parkin, the national drawing prize is now into its seventh year and has grown into a well-recognised competition not to be missed in the New Zealand arts scene. The selected works were exhibited at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, 6 August–8 September 2019.

 “Over the years I’ve learned that, at least within the artistic community, the sort of whole boundary of what we would term drawing is actually much wider than I would have probably originally thought. It’s what makes this award so unique. Every year I see innovation and difference, and every year there's something new. I truly am excited to see what we have in store for 2019,” said Chris Parkin.