Pan-Pan – multicultural exhibition, 4-20 February 2021

I was invited to exhibit in a multicultural group exhibition at the Linwood Arts & Eastside Gallery, Christchurch, in February 2021. The theme of the show was “Pan”, meaning all-inclusive, uniting, or collective. The root of the word (“pan”) is found in many forms (e.g. a cooking container, severe criticism, a Greek god), and “pan-pan”, the exhibition title, is an international distress signal, of less urgency than a mayday signal. However, artists were free to interpret “pan” in any way or medium.

My four works were from my storm-based 2020 series “Pandemonium” – numbers 1, 2, 4 and 7.

 044_Cordeaux_Pan-Pan Opening Night 4 Feb 2021.jpg