Giotto International Prize (Lisbon) and Art International Contemporary, Nov-Dec 2019

I was invited to submit a work (Giotto’s Circle 2019) inspired by the Italian Renaissance painter Giotto di Bondone, for a competition commemorating Giotto’s “perfect circle”. This competition was associated with the Giotto International Prize which I received in November 2019. For this award I submitted my painting Cut #29 - the penultimate painting in my “Woman” 2019 series, and which comprises 6 canvases in the form of a large cross.

Both works were published in Art International Contemporary, Issue #6, November-December 2019.

Giotto’s Circle 2019 is an addition to my “Recycled” series, using brick dust from Venice with marker pen enhancing the “perfect circles” indented on the base of a soft-drink packaging box.

048 cordeaux recycled giottos circle 2019 20210223 1079130974

Giotto's Circle, 2019,
Venetian brick debris,
marker pen, recycled packaging,
34cm (H) x 41cm (W)

  049 Cordeaux Giotto International Prize 2019