Art Olympic Prize 2021

From 1912 to 1952, a parallel and contemporary Art Competition was held during the Olympic Games. It was divided into five categories: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature and music. This competition, in which artists of the various disciplines competed, was conceived in 1906 by Baron de Coubertin. He wanted men to be educated in both mind and body, and competing in sport rather than war. One of his other desires was to combine both art and sport, and he succeeded in including artistic competition in the Olympic Games.

In 2021, the year of the Covid-postponed Games of the XXXII Olympiad, Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo initiated an “Art Olympic Prize” for painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers and video artists. Their aim was to inspire the reinstatement of artistic competitions as future Olympic events. I was pleased to be selected as an awardee of this prize in November 2021. The catalogue of works of the Art Olympic Prize and the accompanying “Art International Contemporary” magazine for the November/December 2021 issue included Mother Nature Speaks #5, 2021, from my Mother Nature series.

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Mother Nature Speaks #5, 2021,
acrylic on board.
90cm(H) x 120cm(W)

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